Root Framework

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Another framework that is very interesting and powerful, although not very used beyond the physicits and the Cern people is the ROOT Framework [1].

I have the experience to play with it, using its functions to generate meaningful results.

Root is very optimized, written in C++ but nowadays you can used it combined with python and R.

I personally don think its interface is easy, as other libraries/frameworks, but its optimized and the community is great. People from several backgrounds helping specific questions.

At Instituto de Fisica in USP University, we used it a lot. But not rarely we faced situations that it played some trick answers on us, e.g. some of the results were inconsistents.  But anyways.

It is interesting to try it straight on the browser too.

Is always important to watch CERN and its tools, since they become a tendency in the world, the WWW is an CLEAR example.


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