Companies Should Adopt Hack rank

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I remember once during an interview, I didn’t sleep well the night before and I failed in every single simple questions. In the end obviously I did not pass, however, I learned that the companies should considering add Hack Rank in their interview process.

That’s actually quite ironic, because I usually not good when I have 15 minutes to solve a maze or finish a question. However, I felt that it is the most honest approach a company can do, basically to avoid hiring someone which answers were lucky but also to give the interviee an honest and sincery change of apply.

I even sent  a message to the recruiter for them use Hack Rank on their next interviews, so they could improve the hiring process.

In my case, I didn’t sleep well so my questions were not good, but the next day, even the same day, my mind was sharp as never before. Unlucky them.




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